Friday, August 26, 2011

My Buddy, JC.

Jesus Christ is my buddy.  He goes where I go, no matter what.  Have you thought about that?  It definitely makes you re-think some of your choices...  I haven't always thought about having JC at my side- I mean- I knew, proverbially, He was there, but in the last few years I have really been aware of Him.

Do you talk to people who practice other branches of the Christian faith?  I have quite a few friends who actually left the Catholic church, and their primary reason for being "born again" and "rebaptized" was because they never felt like they had a personal relationship with Jesus.  I try so hard to understand their perspective, how they could say that they went to church every week, Sunday School, Youth Group, etc, and not have a relationship with Christ?  It makes me very sad for them, that they missed one of the best friends they could ever have had for the last 20-30 years of their lives.  But-- it also made me instantly think of the movie Dogma, and how they're trying to promote the Catholicism-WOW! movement with the image of the Buddy Christ- aka Sacred Heart Christ giving a winking thumbs-up.  The first time I saw that movie was in college, and we had the members of Catholic Club watch it.  If you haven't seen it, or saw it and hated it, I ask you to watch it again- with a little more of an open mind, and really look at the message it's trying to get out into pop-culture.  (No, I don't think God is really Alanis Morrisette, doing cartwheels barefoot in the grass, or a homeless man playing skeet ball)  But really- bring Jesus down to you!

Talk to Jesus like you would a friend.  Yes, it's good to have formal prayer times, but I challenge you to keep an open dialogue with Him.  Encourage your friends & family to participate in this challenge.... You'd be surprised how present Jesus is in your life, whether you knew it or not.

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