Tuesday, July 7, 2015


So, I was on vacation when SCOTUS made one of the best decisions ever.  And then I was so elated and outraged at everyone's responses on social media that I've just been letting it process....

Let me start out by saying that I am a Christian.  I am a Catholic.  And I support the right of a same-sex marriage.  Jesus asks us to do two things, and two things only.  Love God with all your heart, and love your neighbor.  He doesn't ask us to judge anyone. 

The blanket arguement that homosexuality is against the teachings of the bible is not a legitimate reason to blast or boycott anyone or anything!  Christians get divorced, nobody demands that the wife be stoned or publicly shamed.  Christian children speak out against their parents, dishonoring them, and nobody cuts out the childrens' tongues.  Sin is Sin.  If you judge one, then be fair and judge all.... but, really, just don't judge anyone, because we are all sinners! 

Because it was a post on facebook and it's so easy to mis-read what someone's intent is, I am not sure if the person posted this comment to be sarcastic or not, but his post said "If Love wins, who loses?  What was Love fighting?" and the string of comments were so upsetting that I hid the entire post!  And then there are those who made the point to go online and post "I just have to say, I'm a Christian and I don't support this." and continue with a lengthy paragraph about how they're not going to judge, but they are going to express their disapproval and support it with bible verse after bible verse, some in context, some grossly out of context.  I even found myself getting slammed by people who "love the sinner but hate the sin" because I shared an article about how fiercely and ferociously "Christians" were responding!  I had multiple people ask me to give specific examples of people's comments.... and in an attempt to NOT lose friends and educate the naive, I politely explained that it wasn't anyone in MY circles, but overall. 

Love wins, Hate loses!  I don't understand why it's such a hard concept for people to grasp.  It wasn't until the Supreme Court's ruling in 1967 that interracial marriages were made legal.  Love wins, Hate loses!  My friend is white and her partner is black.  My friend his asian and his wife is black.  My friend is male and his husband is too.  All three are in loving, committed relationships, and nobody had to choose one side or the other. 

One of my friends posted this, and I think this is VERY well put:

"I pray that the SCOTUS ruling... opens up the floodgates of God's love and that every person can feel how important they are and hwo valud they are.  I do believe that boundaries ar ea  necessary part of freedom.  I don't believe that I have the right to choose boundaries for others.  I celebrate the joy that has come with the SCOTUS ruling and I have no need to fear for freedome to practice my faith.  I have a Protector who will provide for my needs.... I want to be sure not to shy away from sharing the magnitude of what Christ has done in my life... I honsetly do not know what jesus ouwl say today.  I have a lot of ideas about what He would not be saying and unfortunately I feel a lot fo Christians are saying those things... my stance is clear.  I am glad that all people can legally partake in the joy of love and marriage."

Along with her words on fb, she shared this beautiful picture of three crosses that she took in her many travels around the globe.  Thank you, Laura, for letting me share your post & photo. 

Love wins.  There should be no question of what that means. 

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