Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Indiana - FIX THIS NOW

This is what the Indianapolis Star's front page says. 

What's happening?!  Gov. Mike Pence has been back-peddaling from the time their Religious Freedom Restoration Act was passed.  He blames social media and national news outlets for the misunderstandings of the law and the negative image that is now painted about Indiana. 

He needs to encourage the "good people" of Indiana to look in the mirror. 

The RFRA doesn't specify that any one group should descriminate against any other, rather, it protects them in their choice to do so.  It is no misconception what the intent was of the shop owners who put signs in their window, right under the 'open for business' signs that said ' NO GAYS ALLOWED". 

For shame, Hoosiers, for shame.  The governor calls you "...a loving, kind, generous, decent, and kind people.".... I don't see how, not when you're runnining with this RFRA and using it to exclude so many. 

The only two things Jesus asks us to do, AS CHRISTIANS, is love God above all other, and love our neighbors as ourselves.  Not love every third person who is in a heterosexual relationship and meets our criteria for being good..... And if you are one of the millions of people who suffers from self-loathing and depression, that does not give you the right to hate everyone as you hate yourself.  You are still called to love- it just means that you have to work on loving you too. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Daily Struggles

We all have them.  There are things that seem harder for us and easier for others.  For me, right now, it has been finding time to focus on the Spirit.  Originally I had planned to do a photo-a-day for Lent, places I found God based on one word. 

I failed at that, miserably.  I didn't even make it a full week.  I didn't even realize that my photo album on facebook was private, that I wasn't sharing my discovery of Holy with anyone!  And not that I had to, but it was my intent to.... I think this is the first time I've not kept my Lenten promise in a very long time.  While trying to figure out what was different this year, why it was not possible for me to keep it, my brain immediately responded, "There was no time to wander around and take photos, find the perfect opportunity to express Holy in one word!  There was no time!"  And I accepted that answer!  Initially, that was acceptable to me, that I didn't have time to see God....


Wait a minute!  I have always had "time" to find God in the little bits of every day life!  There is Holy all around us!  How can I be content saying "I don't have time"?!? 

Perhaps it all falls back to the lack of Spirit I've felt lately?  But just because I'm not feeling inspired to glow radiantly with His love doesn't mean I can slack off on helping bring His love to other people.  So, March 1st I happened to have a few Soul Cries.... three, actually.  Two of them I shared with the people involved, one person responded that I was spot on, and the text book "How did you know?"  I just said "The Holy Spirit told me you needed prayer, so I prayed." 

Now... the Holy Spirit woke me up just after midnight on the morning of my very first 5k, which I completed in less than an hour and was very proud of myself, considering I walked most of it when it was still below 40 degrees outside.  God MADE time for me to find Him. 

I don't feel like it's so much of a daily struggle to find Him in what's around me, which is nice to sort of be back to where I used to be... I'm still bummed out that I failed Him and myself for Lent this year... luckily He's a forgiving God.  *wink*grin*