Monday, August 18, 2008

Ok, Here We Go...

The much anticipated blog is here!

"Being In-Tune with Your World"

So- I've recently moved to a new apt, in an old (and allegedly haunted) building.  Since it's my first time without a roommate, I fall asleep listening to different movies- the movie of the week, Failure to Launch.  There's one part where Tripp's friends tell him that he's not in tune with the universe, that Nature's lashing out at him.  While I don't think that Nature actually lashes out at anyone, I do think that we have a harder time when we are not in tune with OUR world, our habitat. 

Having the preasure of needing to be in tune with the world is completely overwhelming and almost intimidating for me!  In all honesty, I've been terrified to go to church for the last year or so and yet yearning for it- the dissonance has been driving me nuts.  Now, while I'm not sure I'm ready to head back to God, I do feel like I'm taking baby steps closer and closer to being in tune with MY world.  My first step was living in the condo last year with Dana (and then Rick), the second step was moving into my own place, with only myself to take care of, and only myself to blame if something didn't go right.  The third step was taking the train to work- not having to drive every day was so liberating!!!  And yet, something was missing...

And then I started walking to the Link, taking that to the train, and then walking to work from the train station. (reverse that in the afternoons)  Walking to work, watching the sunrise over the water, smelling the salt on the air, listening to the sounds of Tacoma waking up.  I smile and give a silent greeting to the few homeless people I walk by on my way to the Link, and just as I approach the Spanish Steps, 1916 (Haven't found the story behind those yet) I see the water.  I love the water- I'm sure I've mentioned it before!  I listen to my Zune, I knit or read a book, and I let the city show itself to me, fold by fold, street corner by street corner, person by person. 

There is a sense of harmoneous "OM" that I'm feeling starting to come over me... part of me relishes in it, part of me is in awe, and part of me fears it like the plague, just waiting for something to blow up.  But really, it's ok to trust in all that is good... right?  RIGHT! 

Now, I'm not writing music or drawing or painting just yet, that will all come back in time, I think there's still more internal work that needs to be done, but this is a HUGE step. 

So now I'd like to challenge you to take steps in the direction of being in tune with YOUR world!  You may be pretty darned close to there, or you may not be... if you need to, please feel free to talk to me- we can help each other.

I know, I know, it's kind of touchy-feely, but whatever.  You all love me and you know it, otherwise you wouldn't be reading my blog.