Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mary's Got the Blues.... ?????

Last night, on my way home ... (I feel like a lot of my blogs are starting this way lately???)... I was listening to Sacred Heart Radio and with the stormy weather, the AM station was going in-n-out.

It was the (somewhat cheesy) Rosary with the pretty music and the people with the Irish accents lilting through the decades, and I absolutely love it.  The Rosary is my favorite prayer so far, and I find so much peace and strength in it.

I was letting myself fall into rhythm when it was lost to static... and when the radio station came back, it was Blues music!  I don't know how that happened, but last night's ride home not-so-smoothly transitioned from one of my most favorite Holy things to one of my most favorite secular things.  Talk about Utopia! 

Now.... if only I could find someone who would pray the Rosary with me and lead me in blues dances for the rest of my life....

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