Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You Can't be Baptized in Milk Shakes!

Isn't that an absolutely hillarious visual image?!  I love it! 

Driving in to work today, EWTN's 7am broadcast of The Catechism, with Fr. Nagel (a rebroadcast of a show that aired in March, year unknown- I wish they would offer bibliographies on their programming or something!)  He was talking about the Sacraments, and it was great.  Let me tell you, though, I wish they had transcripts I could read over after I'm done commuting!  It's really hard to take notes and drive at the same time!

While talking about the Sacraments, he was talking about the "stuff" of Sacraments- using physical things to help us relate to God, Jesus, the Mysteries, and the Miracles.  That's when the reference came up about the right parts for a Sacrament, that you have to have the right tools in place, you have to have a minister, you have to have the intention... "You have to baptize in water; you can't use a milk shake or pop..." 

Fr. Nagel also talked about how the Sacraments need to be performed in the right place, in the Church.  Sharing in these life-changing events is something that needs to be done - quite literally - through Him, with Him, in Him, in unity with the Holy Spirit and the body of Christ- the church-body of Christ.  Your Faith Community is where you find the strength as you reach these important times in your life! 

It really made me miss having a Faith Community.  I long to find that fellowship, especially with some fellow women of Faith.  It's such a challenge. 

This feels somewhat disjointed.  I will have to revise and maybe even repost later... ttfn- ta ta for now!

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