Monday, August 8, 2011

Faith in the 21st Century

We often don't realize how today's culture influences our knowledge and understanding of things, especially for children.  Here's the conversation I overheard while browsing around the Catholic book store in my town

Boy, "Daddy, who do you like better- God or Jesus?"
Father, "Well, I like them both the same."
Boy, "No, Dad.  You have to pick one!"
Father, "No, son, see- it's like God is inside of Jesus."
Boy, "Oh.  Why did Jesus eat God?"
Father, "No, no, no.  It's more like God and Jesus are the same."
Boy, "Oh.  Okay.  (pause)  Dad?  Why do they have fairies with Jesus?"
Father, "What?!  Oh- those aren't fairies, son, those are angels."
Boy, "Noooo.  Blue Angels are airplanes.  These are blue fairies."
Father, "No, the Blue Angels are blue planes that are nick-named 'angels'.  These statues are of actual angels wearing blue robes, with Jesus."
Boy, "Oh.  Okay."

It was so precious, I smiled right down to my soul and said to myself, "I miss kids' logic."  I was in the elementary schools for a while when I was still a school-of-ed major in college, and it was so refreshing and entertaining to listen to how kids processed the everyday stuff we take in and take for granted! 

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