Tuesday, January 31, 2012

365 Days of Prayer

For anyone who reads my personal blog, I was wondering what to do for 365 days.  I've heard of people doing 365 days of photos, interviews, recipes, etc... I am going to do 365 days of prayer!  Starting 01/28/12, I am praying for the same person every day - without telling that person.  Sort of an experiment, just to see how the Holy Spirit will work in their life, how they might grow over the next year! 

In the past, I've silently prayed for friends to find God- it took almost 5 years, but they got there!  When I was in college there was a guy on the baseball team who was just a real jerk.... I prayed for him every day for 30 days and by the last week he was actually brining his bible out in the dugout and on road trips- what an amazing turn around!  I'm really excited to see what an intense year of prayer will do!!!

Maybe I will tell the person, maybe I won't... we'll see.  Day 4 down, 361 to go! 

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