Tuesday, January 24, 2012


"Time is strange.  A moment can be as short as a breath or as long as eternity." ~ Cornell Woolrich

Have you ever had those moments that seem to last for an eternity?  Or the enigma of the car trip that takes for ever to get to point A, but returning home takes 1/2 the time?  Or how about God's timing? 

God's timing.... ha.  Something that I'm sure we all struggle with, I sure know I do!  No matter how much I journal, pray, meditate, journal, inquire, ask for guidance, journal, self-assess, etc, I cannot find an answer to God's timing & why I haven't met my husband yet.  (or even someone I'd want to date?!)  God's answered me as to why I didn't get hired into the job I'm in until I did, or why I ended up moving 3 times between January 2010 and January 2011, and I've gotten pretty good at trusting His timing over what I think my own timeline should be, but the whole spouse thing just really gets me. 

What issues have you had to give up to God's timing? 

I know I've talked about it before, but I'm gonna say it again because I absolutely love the anaolgy: what happens on God's clock at 2 o'clock won't necessarily make sense sometimes until 10 o'clock the next day.  Now- the thing to remember, is God's timing is different then our timing!  I mean- creating the world in 7 days, Moses being hundreds of years old... ???

What is time, but a "name" that we have come up with to measure the passing of ... time... ?

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