Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Spirit Is-a Movin'!

Yesterday I went to my first Baptist service, it was a funeral service, and it was the most fun I've had at church in a LOOOOOONG time!  Not that church should always be fun, but I tell you what- I was ready to start sayin' "Amen, alleluja!" and "My Lord, preach it!" along with everyone else.  The preacher had some really good words too.... not so "Hell-and-damnation" like some funerals I've been to, but more along the lines of "when was the last time you talked to Jesus?" concepts.  Keeping Him close with you, being ready to go right now- not tomorrow, not a week from now, not 50 years from now, but now. 

There's actually a few incredibly charasmatic Roman Catholic churches in the Seattle area, and I think I might have to go to them a little more often.  I can't tell you how amazingly moving it was to have the pastor burst into song, and upbeat, jazzy-bluesy spiritual in the middle of prayer.  And it was simple enough that the congregation joined in harmony. 


I sent a text to my brother after the service, and it said, "This is the best funeral EVER.  If Jesus was giving a locker room-pep talk, this would be it!" 

So, are you ready to follow Jesus, right now?  Is your soul ready to let go of this world when God's time says so?  I don't know if I can say "YES!" just yet, but I'm sure gonna work real hard at gettin' there.


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