Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Cup Runeth Over

... or, er, my brain runeth over.... with snippet of ideas on what to write!  What do you want to read about?
  • Feeling Your Way
  • Songs for Your Soul
  • Religions & Traditions & Learning Styles, Oh MY!
  • For You, I Pray
I know, some of these might seem a little vague, but I don't know that I'm ready to go too much farther with them in an opinion-survey of sorts.  Is there anything else that you want to put out there?  My brain, body, and spirit have been on a little bit of overload right now.... settling in after moving, trying to find things after moving, working overtime right now, and jumping on board with the youth ministries high school team at church... I see quotes, hear song lyrics, and have little 5-minute discussions in passing about some of the above-topics, and I can't tell you how many post-it notes I have stuck on my desk at work, in my calendar that I carry with me, stuck in my journal on my nightstand- things I want to write about!  I think I need to bust out the whiteboards and just keep a running list, or maybe a brainstorming map. 

Dear Lord,

Please grant me the peace of mind, body, and spirit to see clarity in where Your path is leading me.  Help use me to speak to Your people, help me to be inspiried by the Spirit so that I can write to the needs of those who cry out to You.  Use me, Lord, use me.  I say, "Yes!" 

Let Your Will be done, Amen.

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