Friday, November 15, 2013

On Hallowed Ground

Sometimes I need to unplug, back out of the busy-ness around me, and just be in silence.  That's not easy to do in today's world, let me tell ya!!!

The other day I thought I'd managed to escape the insanity as I sat at the little pho restaurant by my office, but nope... in walked some pretty loud customers and out walked my peace of mind.  I tried losing myself in my book again (on my kindle -shhh! don't tell!) but it was a futile effort.

Wednesday was another one of those days where I just needed to be.  Silent.  No chance of being bothered by anyone.  I was feeling the Spirit call to me, and I just needed to listen.  I needed more than just the silence of my car in the parking lot.  I needed to just find Peace.  Quiet.  God. 

I found myself at the local cemetary.  It was a beautiful, warm Fall day, the sun was out, the wind was tickling the branches of the trees that stood watch over the 100 year old head stones, and it was perfect.  Absolutely perfect.  Stepping foot on hallowed ground, I swear I could feel the Spirit fill me from my feet up to the top of my head.  I righted some of the flags and flower pots that had been toppled over by wind, and brushed off piles of leaves from the headstones, saying a little prayer for each person as I walked by. 

God didn't tell me any deep secrets or bless me with any profound epiphanies.  He didn't solve world hunger or give me the healing touch to cure all cancer.  He was just present.  With me.  In peaceful silence.  It was so humbling, so fulfilling, so.... *sigh* perfect. 

I promise you, cemetaries are not always creepy.  I encourage you to spend some time in one.  (I know that sounds creepy, but I promise, it's not)

"For God alone, oh my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from Him." ~Proverbs 62:5

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