Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Filling a Void

I found this post from about two months ago - for some reason it didn't get posted..... it was the idea of the first step to my post I just published, "When in Doubt...."


A few months ago I posted about my God-shaped hole not really being God-shaped so much as being St. Stephen's-shaped.... There's no way I could have ever known that, 5 months later, I'd have a boyfriend-shaped hole too.

Right now I'm not sure that I'm ready to jump back into the full-on church commitments again, I don't even know if they'd ask me back.... I think I need some time to just be me, but I do want to start filling that void- where my love-lost used to be, where my St Stephen's community used to be. And how will I do that? Well, since it's not really realistic to just unplug and disappear for a week, I'm thinking I might hang out with Jesus for a few hours here and there...

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