Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh, the Challenge!

So, it's Lent.  I've given up flour & sugar, and it's been really good so far... until now. 

I'm sick, and all I want is some Mrs. Grass chicken noodle soup.  I just got my order of Girl Scout cookies yesterday too!  If I wasn't sick, I'd be craving those!!! 

There's a little voice in my head that says, "Just go ahead and make the soup, it's okay, it's not like you're being glutonous about it... you're sick, it's okay.  Jesus will understand." and then there's an answering voice that says, "WHAT?!  Jesus didn't get a 'time out' from the desert when He didn't feel well!  You can do this!!!" 

The cookies are hidden at work, and will remain there until Easter, at least.  Last time I brought a box to work, I put it away and then forgot about it!  It was a nice surprise a few months later.  (the package hadn't been opened, they were still fresh)

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