Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Experiencing Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By...

Apparently, Blogger is not IE friendly anymore, I can't get half the pages or features to load.  This means I can only blog from my laptops, since I'm not going to even try blogging from a smartphone... who knows what horrors would come up with the auto-correct features, especially with both English & Spanish keyboard options! 

No more posts on my breaks at work... I will be posting shortly though, promise! 

Are there any topics you'd like to read about?  Anything you'd like me to pray about for you? 

I'm going to be doing some research on the new Missal translation for our Life Teen- Life Night, so that's what is on the horizon.  I don't know much about it just yet, only that I have the app on my phone so I won't get lost during mass.  Of course, I don't want people to think I'm texting or browsing the internet during church... hmmm... maybe I'll just have to get to church early enough to make sure I get one of the cheat sheets :-)

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