Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tid-bits of Inspiration (title track)

Since my junior year of college, I've been thinking about writing a book of some sort.  I've bounced around some different ideas and concepts, and have some brainstorming word-documents I've transferred from one computer to another with every upgrade.  My brother got me a great book Putting Your Passion into Print, and I've been working my way through that book- it's written pretty well, two points for my lil' bro! 

It hit me today while I was driving in to work while listening to EWTN.  Not sure how or why the inspiration hit me while I was on the freeway, but it did. 

I have 2 composition notebooks, a lovely stack of post-it's, and some of my favorite pens.  *grin*  Now, I'm just waiting for tid-bits of inspiration to start rolling downhill! 

Is there anything you'd like to read about, something I've talked about in my blogs on which I should follow up? 

I fixed my blogger settings so I'm now notified when you comment!  My sincerest apologies that it took me over 2 years to find your last comments.

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