Monday, July 18, 2011

♪♫ Oh Lord, Hear My Prayer ♫♪

*giggle* Aren't the music notes delightful?  Really- it's the little things in life, like key-shortcut combos. ☺

There are three songs I remember from the Taize prayers in Tower Chapel at PLU.  The one that I find myself singing the most is this:

Oh Lord, hear my prayer,
Oh Lord, hear my prayer,
When I call, answer me.
Oh Lord, hear my prayer,
Oh Lord, hear my prayer,
Come and listen to me.

It is so comforting- Taize, this meditation melody, all of the above!  I close my eyes and imagine one candle in the center of my heart, and that candle spreading light through out my entire body until it radiates through my entire being... *speechless grin* 

I wish there was a way I could share that feeling of balance, focus, Agape; the presence of God's love is so amazing in those moments.  I've been yearning for it more and more, and unfortunately find it harder and harder to encounter lately.  (Mostly because my 75 lb dog crawls onto my lap and starts licking my face as soon as I sit down.)  I use my daily commute to talk to God- it's not ideal, as I have to split my attention with God so I can pay attention to traffic... Yay! for multitasking!!  A lot of times I will either start or end with that song... in my head, I hear the harmonies that go with the melody, and I like to think that it's my guardian angel singing with me, helping to intercede. 

I will close today's blog with another song I sing a lot, also from the Taize meditations.  The melody doesn't actually resolve, and I kinda like it that way because it's like an open invitation for God to come and live within:

Take, oh take me as I am.
Summon all that I can be.
Set Your seal upon my heart
and live in me.

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