Monday, March 22, 2010

The Light of God

There is a lot of hurt in my heart right now, and twice in the last hour I have stumbled across the prayer of St Patrick:

The Light of God before me.
The Light of God behind me.
The Light of God above me.
The Light of God below me.
The Light of God within me.

In many of the visions and Soul Cries I've had, Holy beings have been surrounded by this amazing light that brings love and peace... it's such a calming feeling.  I know this is the Light of God.  As I continue to find this prayer through out the day, I stop and try to envision my soul being comforted and calmed by this radient Light. 

Close your eyes.  Envision a wonderful, warm summer day, early morning, and how the sun shining on your body is just enough to bring a glow through your eyelids... it seeps in, and as you take a breath, you simply relax.  With your eyes still closed, exhale and feel the weight of the world lift off your shoulders.  God's light has filled you and comforted you... embrace that feeling, and carry it with you.

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