Thursday, February 18, 2010

Inspiration Entering Into Lent

"Believe that there's a light at the end of the tunnel.  Believe that you might be that light for someone else." ~ Kobbi Yamada

It's no big secret that I've been absent from the church for quite some time.  For lent, this year, I am giving up that absence... and started by missing Ash Wednesday Mass! 

Doh- Strike one!

I am starting my journey into lent and life change by getting back into personal meditation and prayer, and stumbled across a website that has some really great guided readings, prayer, and reflection.  The first Thursday after Lent begins asks us to focus on remembering God's inspiration, and that His grace is behind all that we do. 

This is such an important thing to remember, and I know- I know - that some of my actions have not been so "inspired" lately.  But I'm working on it!  It's so easy to fall into choice expletives and horribly mean thoughts when a few certain people cross my mind or my path, but I am realizing that I don't like how I feel after...

No esta bien.  I am going to make this change happen! 

Here is a snippet from the closing prayer:

Lord, let everything I do this day and in this season of Lent come from you, be inspired by you. 

I long to be closer to you. 

Help me to remember that nothing is important in my life unless it glorifies you in some way....

Heal me, Lord, and help me to find you in the darkness of my life. 

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