Monday, August 10, 2009

Guitar 3, Melinda 0

This photo speaks volumes- these are the broken strings that started my night, one of which snapped back and lashed me across the top of my hand!

You know it's never good when you've got a pair of pliers with your music journal... or when you need both the pliers and a nail file to string your guitar for the second time in an hour. (courtesy of the broken strings, shown above)

Here is how I ended up tying off the ends, since the kid at the music store- who played the sax, not guitar and sold me the first set of strings that were too short and snapped- gave me a set of nylon strings, which was very kind of him. They were, however, plain ended strings. As you can see by the photo below, my guitar is not like standard acoustics, and the saddle & bridge are separated. This makes tying the knots on the plain strings particularly challenging, along with the fact that it makes it a necesity to have LONG strings... Long strings that don't slip and untie like the stinkin' nylon strings do! (this is where the pliers and the nail file come in) I can't tell you how many times the strings would slip out, sending the screws from the "Bone Yard" (aka the saddle) flying all over the room.

This evening was highly frustrating. I was thinking about playing the guitar all day today. My plan was to re-string it with cursed steel strings- figured I'd learn it right to start with- and then I was going to master F#m. As it is now, the nylon strings are definitely easier to hold in the correct position for F#m, but they won't hold a tune for nothin'- by the time I'm done tuning the last string, the first one is about 3 whole steps flat again!


Finding my way back to the Path is not meant to be easy. While this evening with the guitar is more comical than not, the entire time I kept thinking "God is not always easy, it's a struggle to find Faith and keep it. This is only the beginning for you, Melinda." How true is that?!

I also found out tonight that one of my dear friend's cousins was killed in a motorcycle accident this past weekend. Saturday night/Sunday morning, while his body shutting down, I wept. No idea why, but I did- I had to- and I prayed for peace and healing- didn't know who it was for, just knew that someone needed it. It was really hard though, because a few of us were sleeping over at a friend's house & I didn't want to wake anyone up.

Another soul-cry. Two in two weeks. I tried to ignore it on Saturday, chalked it up to a sleep-deprived, emotional female moment, but it wouldn't go away. (maybe this is why I had such weird dreams that led to me being terrified of critters on the back deck at 4am?) *sigh*

It's so hard to have these, but I know that God uses me to help those who really and truely need it. I just pray that I can be strong enough when I'm needed. Somehow I need to find my own set of pliers to hold me in place, a nail file to tighten the knot that holds everything together... right now I feel like I'm about to slip back through that hole & send the screws in the "Bone Yard" flying.

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thethirdfish said...

Yeah, it's a floating bridge. When I had one I'd get the strings on, and sorta tuned, then strum alot just to wear down the strings a bit, then finish tuning.