Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Logan Foundation

Shortly before Christmas 2013 my friend lost her son to a very tragic suicide.  He lived with his father and stepmother in another state, and it's been.... an experience beyond words for her.

In Logan's memory, she has managed to establish two non-profit organizations over the last 6 weeks!  One of them is to build a loving, safe, supportive network to help stop teen suicide.  The other is to raise funds for a park in Logan's name. 

Please visit The Logan Foundation website for more information and for donation and volunteer opportunities!
The starting cost for a park to be built/dedicated is around $50,000.  *wince*  It sounds like a lot, well, because it is!  Any little bit helps. 
Suicide is no joke.  It's not taboo.  It's real.  It's a discussion that needs to be had.  It's a subject that can't be brushed to the side or hidden in the closet.  TALK ABOUT IT.  I promise you, if someone is truly suicidal, you bringing it up - out of genuine concern - is not going to make them follow through.  Discussing it with someone who battles depression will not push them over the edge or plant the idea to end their own life. 

Don't be a mannequin in someones life.  Take an active role.  Open that line of communication, and leave it open! 

It might save someones life.

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