Monday, January 13, 2014

A Year Ago, this Month....

... I thought life was good.  I was actively involved in my church's youth ministries and music ministries.  I was helping to plan the senior high retreat and confirmation mass, and was asked to be confirmation sponsor for a fantastic young man who was the perfect confirmande, and I had a (lying, cheating, abusive, ex)boyfriend who I thought loved me.  We all know where I am now, nothing left from everything that was so right just 12 months ago.  (except a few friends who help to define "unconditional love" and my family.  These people make me cry just thinking about how much they love me, and how they helped me to stay strong while I heal my brokenness)

This month, particularly the end of December and beginning of January, has been particularly trying. 

I've been finding comfort in the company of a few choice people, and some great God-songs.  Take My Hand, by The Kry, and Draw Me Close, from the Ultimate Worship Collection.  Literally, listening to these two songs on repeat one for the last few weeks, and it's amazing - no matter how angry, upset, hurt, frustrated, I am, when these songs come on, everything just melts away. 

I'm just on my break right now, I can't access any of the media sharing websites to hyperlink these songs right now, but do yourself a favor & look 'em up.  Download them.  They will make you feel so much better - even if you don't think you're feeling poorly, you'd be amazed at how much these words help and heal! 

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