Wednesday, October 24, 2012

He Won't Let You Go

Have you ever had a song (besides Amazing Grace or Ave Maria) bring you to your knees? 

I cannot get enough of He Won't Let You Go, also from The Kry. 

Clear your mind, silence the rest of the world around you, and listen with an open heart.  Unconditional Love of a parent, in it's purest form, is found in the lyrics of the last verse "He won't let you go, His Love will never change, Let Him hold you close, closer every day.  He would have died for you had you been the only one.  Don't you ever doubt it's true.  He won't let you go."

Even just typing it makes my eyes tear up....

(please let me know if this linke doesn't work)
The Kry

He won't let you go
the moment that you say
come and live in me
take me all the way
what He said is true
He will never leave you
forever by your's true

He won't let you go
though the seasons change
He's never been so close
He's just a prayer away
when you hear the Father's call
when He's calling to you
run into His arms
don't hesitate to do it


He won't let you go
when He's forever by your side
He wants you to know
Jesus has paid the price
He wants you to go
forever in paradise
getting close to Him
is really all you have to do
and even when you die
He will still be by your side

He won't let you go
His love will never change
let Him hold you close
closer everyday
He would have died for you
had you been the only one
don't you ever doubt...its true

He won't let you go

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