Wednesday, February 18, 2015

This Lenton Season...

The Lenton Season is upon us, and I have no clue what my "change" is for Christ.  Perhaps it will be to put myself first - not in a selfish way, but in a respect-myself sort of way.  Not that I mistreat myself all the time, but there are decisions I make that do not honor my body or myself as Christ would want me to. 

One thing I really miss is photography.  I used to keep a camera on me at all times, and take photos of EVERYTHING! 

I found on Pinterest a photo-a-day challenge from last year that a church had posted.... I'm going to use their word list and get it started for this year.... At first I was thinking I'd start an instagram account for it, but I'm not sure that's what I want to do, since I want to use a real camera, not my iphone... idunno, I have to figure this out... I have until midnight..... I will keep you posted.

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